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CPM-B improvement scale

\si-pi-ɛm\-\bi\ \ɪmˈpruvmənt\ \skeɪl\

A Canadian scale of future mortality rate improvements published by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries as part of the Canadian Pensioners’ Mortality study.

CPM-B was developed by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ Pension Experience Subcommittee, which oversaw the Canadian Pensioners’ Mortality study.

The core model is constructed using the short term to recent experience observed in the Canada/Quebec Pension Plan mortality set (using a 10-year weighted average smoothing technique). These short-term rates are then blended to a long-term rate specified in the model of 0.8% up to age 82, 0.6% to age 87, 0.4% to age 92, 0.3% for ages 97-107, and 0.0% for age 115 and older. Linear interpolation is used for ages in between.

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