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Club Vita

A longevity data analytics company, for pension funds & their advisors, insurers, reinsurers and asset managers.

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Our Vision

  • to enable financial institutions to understand and actively manage longevity risk
  • to modernize market practices and remove market frictions for longevity risk transfer
  • to improve access to cutting edge data-science tools and techniques
Our Services

What we do

Club Vita’s Longevity, Lifestyle and Retirement Perception Survey - 2022

In celebration of our consolidation, we surveyed 1,000 people in each of Canada, the UK and US about their health, life expectancy and retirement planning.

Top charts

Bite sized longevity analysis in the form of our favourite charts

Looking for a technical foundation in longevity and longevity risk?

Check out our box set of educational webinars.

Lexicon of longevity

Our glossary of longevity terms provides an ever-evolving explanatory hub of longevity terminology. Including top line definitions, related terms and links to further reading.

Club Vita Canada Longevity map

Club Vita's Canadian longevity map is designed to illustrate the diversity in life expectancies for men and women aged 65 living in different neighborhoods in Canada.

What is Club Vita?

What clients say about us

"Data is Power. Club Vita's deep data pool enables the industry to understand various factors affecting base mortality and mortality improvement, through cutting-edge predictive analytics techniques."

Dr. Johnny Li - Professor and Munich, Re Chair in Predictive Analytics, University of Waterloo

"Longevity is not simply an assumption, but one of the risks we analyze. Club Vita is providing us with longevity analysis to validate our internal work as part of a strong governance process for our Board"

Robert Marchessault - Director Pension & Actuarial Service, Bell Canada

"Club Vita’s latest longevity study… presented to our Board of Directors validated the appropriateness of the current mortality assumptions used for funding purposes and quantified the potential margin / risk taken in the current mortality assumptions"

Christopher A. Brown - President & Chief Executive Officer, LAPP Corporation

Our community

  • Over 400 pension funds
  • 7 pension advisory firms
  • Over 25 (re)insurers
  • We track the survival patterns of over 5m people worldwide