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Do you care enough? Behavioural drivers of longevity and retirement outcomes

Behavioural drivers of longevity and retirement outcomes

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27 April 2022


This is a video recording of a webinar we held in April 2022

Indicators of engagement have been strongly linked with healthy behaviours, physical health and longevity. A new Club Vita survey, showing that people in Canada, the UK and US consistently underestimate their life expectancy, also shows that indicators of engagement are associated with better predictions of life expectancy. Could this be a key driver for better health, longevity and retirement outcomes? And how can we help those who are disengaged?

In this Club Vita webinar, we explored some key behavioural drivers of longevity; presented the results of a new Club Vita survey, highlighting the extent to which people underestimate their life expectancy in Canada, the UK and the US; discussed behavioural nudges that could help to improve health and retirement outcomes; and learned how businesses can help improve health equality and resilience.

Club Vita’s Longevity, Lifestyle and Retirement Perception Survey 2022 is available for download here.

Please click here to access the slides from this webinar, and the Business Framework for Health report is available here .


Do you care enough? Behavioural drivers of longevity and retirement outcomes

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