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Long-COVID – in it for the long haul?

Since 2020 we witnessed many evolving and changing concepts relating to COVID-19, one of which is the long-term suffering of symptoms of the disease known as post COVID-19 condition or long-COVID. Defining and explaining what long-COVID is, and what it could mean for future health for many people, is becoming a key focus for many countries as more data points are accumulated.

This article provides insight into the prevalence of long-COVID in Canada and the potential longer-term health impacts that are being revealed through research. It also shares thoughts on what long-COVID could mean for future health and longevity, as well as the implications for employers, pension plans, insurers, and the labour market.

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Shantel Aris

Shantel joined Club Vita in January 2021 to focus on supporting Club Vita’s Canadian and international research initiatives through modelling and experience analysis work. In Shantel’s previous role, she spearheaded longevity data analytics, experience analysis, predictive modelling, and industry research at RBCI Insurance to support the pricing of annuity reinsurance contracts.