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Why Club Vita?

Assumptions about future longevity affect many decisions for pension funds, with longevity overlapping the professional domains of the administrator, actuary, and investment advisor.

Why Club Vita?

Unlike insurance companies, pension funds can't net off their longevity risk against mortality risk on life insurance policies. This lack of a natural hedge makes fund sponsors anxious about how best to secure participants' future benefits. A pro-active strategy for managing longevity risk is clearly desirable.

“Longevity is not simply an assumption, but a real risk. Having hard evidence to negotiate assumptions with actuaries, or terms with providers, adds real value.”
John Chilman - Chairman, Railways Pension Trustee Company (UK)

Club Vita's approach to data pooling and unique longevity tools help pension funds and their advisors manage the peculiar characteristics of longevity risk in a disciplined way. We enable your data - alongside that from like-minded peers in the industry - to do the talking. The pooling of data helps all funds - big or small, private or public sector, white or blue collar - to clearly see the signals in longevity trends from the statistical noise.

Our annual reporting gives you objective, independent oversight of funding and accounting assumptions, understanding of the confidence levels of your investment hedging strategies, and even helping you understand the underlying valuation of lump sum offerings.

Club Vita can help you take control of longevity risk, making more confident, strategic decisions, rooted in hard data.

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