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Balancing privacy and best price in the age of US pension risk transfer.

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4 October 2022


This event will run from 11:00 to 12:00.

The more that an insurer knows about a group of pension plan participants, the less uncertainty there will be around the timing and levels of their benefit payments. As we have discussed before, ZIP Codes - particularly ZIP+4 – are strongly correlated with longevity. But in today’s age of heightened concerns about data privacy, how granular should the data be that is shared with bidding insurers? How much does each data item improve the insurer’s pricing? And how can this information be shared with service providers in a safe and responsible way?

Please register here for a deep dive into these topical data privacy issues for US pension plans. Our expert panel will explore how useful it is for pension plans to share certain data fields, such as ZIP+4, with service providers. In particular we’ll discuss how reducing uncertainty by providing extra data fields could improve prices during a pension risk transfer. We’ll discuss techniques for anonymizing personal data while retaining the potential for predictive analytics. And our panel will share their latest thinking on the newly released American Data Privacy Protection Act and give insight into how other countries have dealt with similar challenges.

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Register for our upcoming webinar