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Longevity 103: Longevity Risk Management

Watch the replay of this webinar below.

Event information

18 November 2021


This is a video recording of a webinar we held in November 2021

Replay the third in our series of educational webinars, where we turned our attention towards the management of longevity risk.

In our first two sessions Longevity 101 and Longevity 102, we learned about actuarial techniques to model and project longevity/mortality rates. In this latest session, Longevity 103, we discussed how to take these best practices and apply them into an effective risk management framework.

We covered the triumvirate of the actuarial control cycle: how to measure, manage and monitor longevity risk. We explored the famous four ‘T’s of risk management applied to a pension plan’s longevity risk; what does it mean to “Tolerate”, “Treat”, “Transfer” or “Terminate” longevity risk?

The aim was for you to come away with a familiarity of the core principles of risk management for longevity risk.

Event details

  • Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT

Please click here to access the slides from this webinar.


Longevity 103: Longevity Risk Management

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