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Calling all US plan sponsors: thinking about a buy out in 2020? Make sure you capture the data dividend

Watch our webinar replay below.

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30 January 2020


This is a video recording of a webinar we held in January 2020.

With equities hitting new records, many sponsors will consider taking the opportunity to shrink or de-risk their pension obligations in 2020. But the business case depends on more than just the financial side.

Club Vita research shows that some plans could capture a hidden saving of up to 10 percentage points if their longevity assumptions are tailored. Add to that the extra risk margin that an insurer would add if they don’t understand the characteristics of your people because your records are difficult to follow (or worse, contain un-notified deaths): it’s clearly worth getting your data into good shape before knocking on insurers' doors.

In this webinar replay, our expert panel will discuss how you can avoid pitfalls through a mixture of good house-keeping and insightful statistical analysis on how your plan compares with others, enabling you to secure your pensions as lowest cost.


Please click here to access the slides from this webinar.


Thinking about a buy-out in 2020? Make sure you capture the data dividend
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