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If Longevity Risk is an Asset Class, How Do We Make It More Tradeable?

Over the years, we have witnessed the successful commoditisation of several risks, including credit risk, interest rate risk and property catastrophe risk, opening up their trade to capital markets investors. Similar commoditisation of longevity risk has been slow to take off, despite many seeing a significant need for more risk takers in the market to boost capacity to service the world-wide c$80tr of longevity-linked liabilities.

During May’s ELSA Life ILS conference, Jennifer Haid, CEO of Club Vita hosted an expert discussion with Joyeeta Kanungo (Phoenix), Stephen Richards (Longevitas), Scott Willkomm (Life Equity) and Phil Kane (Leadenhall Capital) on the current outlook for a commoditised longevity risk market. Here are some key learnings from this session.

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​Erik Pickett PhD FIA CERA

Erik leads the dissemination of Club Vita’s insights and analytics. He began his career as a mathematician, working at a number of universities around Europe, while moonlighting as a part time street performer. He transitioned to the world of actuarial science in 2011, retaining his passion for engaging communication, training first as a pensions actuary with Mercer and Hymans Robertson and later specializing in longevity analytics with Club Vita.​