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Is life expectancy due to nature or nurture?

Part 6 of an eight part video series

28 August 2019

Erik Pickett, Club Vita's Actuary and Chief Content Officer, talks to Mike Kreps, Groom Law Group, about whether lifespan is due to nature or nurture.


Is life expectancy due to nature or nurture?

Data held by pension plans can help us capture external factors affecting life span, in particular, where someone lives can tell us a lot about the kind of lifestyle that they have and how long they are expected to live.
Erik Pickett, Actuary and Chief Content Officer, Club Vita

On our travels we get asked many interesting questions: Is longevity risk actually important? Have we reached the limit of life expectancy? Is Club Vita a night club / sports team / all-inclusive holiday company?

Here our team answer some of the more frequent questions we are asked. If you have more questions that we haven’t covered, please get in touch.

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