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Longevity Trends: Does one size fit all? Collaborative research with the PLSA

Our second report in collaboration with the PLSA on UK longevity trends.

21 September 2017

Longevity trends report

There has been much debate in the pensions press over the outlook for longevity. Sponsors of Defined Benefit (DB) pension funds are faced with tough decisions to make. To help funds understand these recent trends, Club Vita and the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) have launched a second longevity report - Does one size fit all?

Based upon analysis of 2.5 million pensioners drawn from over 200 pension funds we are able to illustrate how recent trends have affected different groups; dividing members into three groups for men (Hard-Pressed, Making-Do and Comfortable) and two for women (Hard-Pressed and Making-Do/Comfortable) based on DB pension income and postcode.

Supporting technical appendices

These technical appendices provide more detail on the analysis used in our 2017 Longevity Trends report in collaboration with the PLSA. The original technical appendices from our first 2014 report can be found here. These should be read together.

The appendices are written with an informed audience in mind and are designed to provide confidence in the rigour of the research and the necessary supporting documentation. It will be a valuable tool for Scheme Actuaries, corporate actuaries and longevity consultants in informing advice.

However, we would encourage other interested readers to not be put off looking at the Technical Appendices. For those readers that are interested in digging a little deeper into the details, there are two documents you might read:

  • For answers to some of the more common questions that we are asked on longevity trends, please read see our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • For more information on the scenarios set out in section 7 of the 2017 report, and in particular how to replicate the scenarios for use in modelling the impact on your fund, please read the Guide to Scenarios document.

If you would like further information please check our Frequently Asked Questions. For any other enquiries please get in touch.

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