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Zooming in on ZIP codes: factor based models for US longevity

In this webinar replay, we explore the world of factor-based longevity modeling.

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9 September 2019


This is a video recording of a webinar we held in September.

Lifestyle, affluence, occupation, health, gender. All these factors can affect how long people live. And all these factors can be estimated using data commonly held on pension plan administration systems.

In this webinar replay, we are joined by a panel of industry experts to explore the world of factor-based longevity modeling. As well as exploring the results of Club Vita’s recent white paper, Zooming in on ZIP codes, the panel will discuss:

  • How to use pension plan data to create predictive analytic models of longevity
  • How to zoom in past five-digit ZIP codes to capture greater diversity
  • How factor based models can help pension plans and their consultants
  • How these models can help insurers, potentially opening up better pricing

Please click here to access the slides from this webinar.



Zooming in on ZIP codes

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