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Zooming in on ZIP codes

How long retirees live is a key assumption when valuing pension promises. There is ever stronger evidence of variation in lifespan across US society. Given that differences in life expectancy are recognized to be largely driven by lifestyle rather than genetic make-up, how can plan sponsors tailor their longevity assumptions to reflect the characteristics of their participants?

7 August 2019

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Club Vita unveils new model for predicting life expectancy on ZIP+ Codes

Club Vita unveils new model for predicting life expectancy based on ZIP+4 codes, modernizing longevity risk management techniques for U.S. Pension Plans

7 August 2019

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Mercer and Club Vita Collaborate to Enhance Longevity Risk Management in US Pension Industry

Mercer, a global consulting leader in advancing health, wealth and career, and Club Vita, an international leader specializing in longevity analytics, today announced that Mercer is the first consulting firm to offer Club Vita’s longevity risk reporting to its clients in the United States.

10 July 2019

Business updates | Personal blogs

Club Vita brings its big data longevity service to U.S., appoints Dan Reddy as U.S. CEO

Club Vita, a provider of longevity risk data, today announced its plans to expand to the United States. A team of British, Canadian and American actuaries and data scientists is collaborating to deliver Club Vita’s novel longevity data analytics service to American pension plans and insurers.

25 June 2019

General interest | VitaMins

VitaMins Health: Sleep - Putting a number on slumber

Health behaviors and levels of morbidity are key drivers for future mortality rates and can be thought of as key components of the “longevity pipeline”.

17 June 2019

General interest | Top charts

Top Charts 19-04: Grieving widow effect

In this edition Longevity Consultant Erik Pickett presents a chart exploring the so-called “grieving widow effect”.

18 April 2019

General interest | VitaMins

Vitamins Health: Genetic testing – panacea or dystopia?

Health behaviours and levels of morbidity are key drivers for future mortality rates and can be thought of as key components of the “longevity pipeline”. The levels of health and morbidity in a population today will be stored up and reflected in how long people live in the future. In this edition of VitaMins Health we explore the subject of genetic testing.

15 March 2019

Opinion & experiences | Personal blogs

Lang mae yer lums reek: Resolutions for 2019

Of course, New Year is a popular time for turning over a new leaf and setting some personal goals. Have you set any 2019 resolutions?

3 January 2019

General interest | Top charts

Top Charts 18-10: Life Expectancy Trends Around the World

In this edition Longevity Consultant, Nick Chadwick, takes a closer look at recent changes in life expectancy in different countries around the globe.

23 October 2018

General interest | Top charts

Top Charts 18-09: Balancing value and risk when insuring sub-groups of pensioners

In this edition Longevity Modeler, Chuyi Yang, looks at the benefits of individual assumptions when assessing the value of longevity insurance for sub-groups of pension plan participants.

14 September 2018

General interest | Top charts

Top Charts 18-06: Key ages in longevity risk

In this edition UK Head of Longevity Modeling, James Maloney, shows that when it comes to life expectancy for new pensioners, it is mortality rates in people’s late 70s and 80s that make the most difference.

4 June 2018

Opinion & experiences | Personal blogs

The case for longevity "time zones"

The evidence of diversity in life expectancy is overwhelming, and the uncertain timing of future medical breakthroughs increase demand for insurance. But, the resources required - risk capital and actuarial skills - are limited. So how do you meet demand in the most efficient way? Douglas Anderson, Founder of Club Vita discusses.

16 April 2018

General interest | Top charts

Top Charts 18-04: The Bee-Swarm Chart - Illustrating Diversity

In this edition Club Vita's UK Membership Secretary, Steve Hood, shows a chart that illustrates why it is important to capture and use all available information when setting longevity assumptions for pension plans.

5 April 2018

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Lang may yer lums reek!

Douglas Anderson takes a look at what uncertainty 2018 may hold.

29 December 2017

General interest | VitaMins

VitaMins: Gaming the longevity lottery - the search for the causes of longevity variations

Two recent pieces of research really move on our understanding, taking the lengthy investigation in an unexpected direction. Since the 1960s, public health research has suggested that differences in lifestyles (smoking, drinking, diet and exercise) explain much of the variation in postcode longevity.

22 May 2017

Opinion & experiences | Personal blogs

Opposites attract: the seduction of the life insurer and the pension fund

Pension funds have unusually long time-horizons. Their promises can be 20, 30, 50, even 80 years or more. They’re in the until-death-us-do-part business.

14 February 2017